DPReview, a photography website that began as a hobbyist forum, has become an iconic name among photographers and camera enthusiasts. Established in 1998 by Phil Askey who passed away in 2022, DPReview quickly gained notoriety for being the go-to source for camera reviews, news, and forums. His passion and technical proficiency helped shape DPReview into one of the most respected and trusted camera review sites online today.

The Importance of DPReview

DPReview’s impact on photography cannot be overemphasized. Its detailed and impartial reviews have guided millions of people in making informed decisions about camera purchases. Plus, its forums have become a gathering place for photography enthusiasts to exchange ideas, post photos, and learn from one another. Moreover, DPReview’s influence even extends to camera manufacturers who take its reviews seriously and often make improvements based on customer feedback.

Amazon’s Decision to Cease DPReview

On March 21, 2023, Amazon, the parent company of DPReview, announced it was closing down the website. This decision has sent shockwaves through the photography community with many expressing their dismay and frustration on social media platforms. Although Amazon’s exact reasoning remains unknown, speculation suggests declining revenue and increased competition from other camera review sites may have played a role.

What Will Happen After DPReview’s Shutdown?

The closure of DPReview is a devastating blow to the photography industry. Without their objective and comprehensive reviews, camera buyers may struggle to make informed decisions about their purchases. Furthermore, without DPReview’s forums, photographers will no longer have access to an outlet to exchange ideas and learn from one another.

What’s Next for DPReview?

Amazon’s decision to shut down DPReview is a major setback, yet its legacy will endure. The website’s archives contain thousands of reviews, news articles and forum discussions that will remain invaluable resources for photographers and camera enthusiasts. Furthermore, its impact on the photography industry won’t be forgotten either; many hope a new owner will take over DPReview and carry forward its tradition of impartial yet detailed camera reviews.


DPReview’s closure is a sad day for the photography industry. Yet its legacy will live on; its influence on photography cannot be understated and we hope a new owner will take over and continue its mission of providing impartial and detailed camera reviews. Hopefully our article has provided helpful insights into DPReview’s history, significance and influence on this sector of photography.


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