The color of an iPhone’s battery is an integral element of its design, not only adding to its aesthetic appeal but also showing off how much juice remains in the device. In this article, we’ll cover how to alter this setting on an iPhone using various methods available.

Utilizing a Third-Party App

Method 1 is ideal when you do not have access to your own mobile application directly.

One way to customize the battery color on an iPhone is through a third-party app. There are numerous apps available in the App Store that provide this capability; Battery Color is one such example that lets you alter the hue of your iPhone’s battery with ease.

To use Battery Color, follow these steps:

Download the Battery Color app from the App Store and open it up, granting all required permissions.
Select which color you would like for your battery and tap “Apply” to apply it.

Utilizing a Jailbreak Tweak

Another way to customize the battery color on an iPhone is through a jailbreak tweak. Jailbreaking allows you to install third-party tweaks not available through the App Store.

Alkaline jailbreak tweak is a popular option for changing the color of an iPhone’s battery. To use Alkaline, simply follow these steps:

  • Jailbreaking your iPhone using unc0ver or checkra1n can be done.
  • Open Cydia and search for the Alkaline tweak.
  • Install it, respring your device, open Settings app then navigate to Alkaline settings menu to choose which theme you would like for your battery icon.

Customizing Battery Icon

You can also customize the battery color on an iPhone by creating a custom battery icon. This method requires more effort, but offers additional customization options.

To create a custom battery icon, please follow these steps:

Download a custom battery icon from websites such as and save it to your iPhone’s camera roll.
Next, install Filza file manager app from Cydia and navigate to this folder: /Library/Themes.
Create a new folder with any name of preference and move the custom icon inside of it.
Rename your custom battery icon to “UIStatusBarBatteryBackground.png,” and then restart your device.


Finally, there are several ways to customize the battery color on an iPhone: using third-party apps, jailbreak tweaks or custom icon. Each method has its advantages and drawbacks; ultimately, which option is best for you depends on personal preferences and technical proficiency. Fortunately, by following these steps outlined in this article you can quickly and easily change your iPhone’s battery color while adding a personal touch.


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