Clearing the cache of Microsoft Teams on Windows 10 can help address common problems such as freezing or crashing of the app, slow performance, and failed sign-in attempts. In this article we’ll give you step-by-step instructions for clearing this cache on Windows 10.

Step 1: Exit Microsoft Teams

Before clearing the cache, make sure that Microsoft Teams is not running on your system. You can confirm this by right-clicking on the Teams icon in your system tray and selecting “Quit”.

Step 2: Clearing Microsoft Teams Cache

  • To clear out Microsoft Teams’ cache, take these steps:

To open the Run dialog box on your keyboard, press either Windows Key + R or enter. This will bring up the Run window where you can type “%appdata%Microsoftteams” and hit enter.
This will bring up the Teams folder; select all files and folders inside it then delete them.
After deleting all files and folders from your system, go to the “search bar” on your system and type in “%localappdata%Microsoftteams” followed by pressing enter. This will bring up another Teams folder; select all items within it to delete them.
Finally, restart Microsoft Teams by signing in again with Microsoft Account credentials.

Step 3: Logging Into Microsoft Teams

To complete this step, sign in to Microsoft Teams via your browser’s search bar.
After restarting the app, sign in to Microsoft Teams using your credentials.

Your cache has now been successfully cleared, and you should now be able to utilize Microsoft Teams without any further issues.


In this guide, we have provided you with a step-by-step process for clearing the cache of Microsoft Teams on Windows 10. By following these instructions, you can fix common issues that might be occurring with Microsoft Teams. We hope that this guide has been beneficial in clearing its cache.


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