Are you curious about creating an echo effect on TikTok?

This guide will outline all of the steps necessary to achieve that result. Before we dive into all of its details, let’s first understand what an echo effect is and how it operates.

What Is the Echo Effect on TikTok?

TikTok’s echo effect is an engaging effect which creates multiple images and sounds which follow an original video, leaving a trail. This method of video production often creates fun and engaging videos which stand out from the pack.

Steps for Generating Echo Effect on TikTok

  • Launch TikTok app and click “+” button to create new video. Record or upload video you would like the echo effect added too and select Effects icon at bottom left of screen, scrolling to Time section then Echo effect option from within “Time Section”.
  • Adjust the duration of an effect by dragging its slider left or right. Clicking the checkmark to apply it to your video, preview it to ensure everything works as expected, then save by clicking on its checkmark if happy with its appearance.
  • Tips for Producing an Engaging Echo Effect Video

Use a tripod or stabilizer to keep your camera steady when filming. Select an well-lit location, experiment with various speeds and durations, use filters or add other effects for additional impact, then edit your video accordingly.


Overall, creating the echo effect on TikTok is an easy and engaging way to set your videos apart from the competition. By following the steps outlined herein, adding this element into your videos won’t take long at all! Don’t wait any longer: start producing captivating videos today!


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