Instagram is a widely-used social media platform, allowing users to connect with others and share their content. One of the key aspects of using Instagram is building up an engaged network of followers and contacts; we will demonstrate how you can locate and access these on Instagram in this guide.

Establish an Instagram Search Function

The key to discovering contacts on Instagram is using its search function. To do so, launch the Instagram app and tap on the magnifying glass icon located at the bottom of your screen – from there, you can search for specific users or hashtags.

If you know the username of someone you want to search for, type it in the search bar and hit “Search”; for hashtag searches, type your hashtag into the search bar before tapping on the “Tags” tab to view all posts with that hashtag.

Instagram’s Discover Tab

Instagram’s Discover tab provides an easy and efficient way to discover new contacts and content relevant to your interests. To access it, tap on the magnifying glass icon at the bottom of your screen before tapping “Discover”.

Here, Instagram recommends posts, videos and stories it thinks you may be interested in based on your activity on its platform. Additionally, use the search bar located at the top of your screen to easily locate specific topics or accounts to follow.

Check Your Instagram Suggestions

Instagram will suggest accounts based on your activity on the platform, making suggestions easier than ever for you. To access them, tap on your profile icon located in the bottom-right-hand corner, followed by tapping three horizontal lines at the top-right-hand corner, before choosing “Settings” then “Discover People”.

Here, you can see a list of suggested accounts based on your activity on Instagram. Additionally, connecting Instagram to your Facebook account enables you to see contacts suggested from friends on Facebook.

Use Third-Party Tools

There are various third-party tools that can assist in finding and viewing contacts on Instagram. One such tool is SocialRank, which helps identify your most valuable followers so you can engage directly.

Hootsuite is an advanced social media management platform that makes managing multiple social media accounts simple and efficient. By logging on, Hootsuite allows you to keep an eye on Instagram activity as well as find new contacts and monitor competitors in one central place.


Locating and viewing contacts on Instagram is essential to building an active social media presence. By making use of Instagram’s search function, exploring its “Discover” tab, and reviewing suggestions or using third-party tools you can easily make new connections and expand your network on this platform.


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