Being banned from Apex Legends can be an exasperating experience for gamers, whether due to your own mistakes or errors on the game’s part. Luckily, there are ways you can unban yourself – this guide outlines several effective techniques.

Connect With Game Support Team

If you want to be unbanned from Apex Legends, the first step should be contacting their support team. You can do this either through submitting a ticket on their official website or emailing them directly; just be sure to state clearly your situation and include any necessary details like account info and the reason behind your ban. It may take time before they respond back but their team will work towards solving the issue and lifting your ban if at all possible.

Verify Violations of Game Policies

Another reason for Apex Legends bans can be breaching its policies. If this has happened to you, review their contents to ascertain what happened and identify what actions were forbidden – these could include cheating, exploiting glitches and using offensive language among others. If any violations have taken place in Apex Legends by yourself or another player, recognize their mistake and take measures to ensure it doesn’t recur in future games.

Appeal Your Ban

If you feel as if your ban from Apex Legends was unfair, an appeal can be submitted through its official website or support team. Ensure to include details on why the ban was unjust, such as screenshots or videos that support this contention, to support this appeal and allow the team to make a decision based on this evidence provided.

Switch IPs

If you have been IP banned from Apex Legends, using a Virtual Private Network (VPN) could help. A VPN (Virtual Private Network) allows users to securely connect to the internet through an encrypted tunnel; using one can allow users to temporarily change their IP addresses so as to appear like they’re connecting from a different location – potentially helping bypass an IP ban and restore access to Apex Legends.


Being banned from Apex Legends can be an emotionally draining experience, but there are ways you can gain back access. By following the methods outlined here and taking care to follow game policies fairly, following our guide may increase your chances of getting it lifted and reinstate access. We hope that our guide has been useful and wish you success on getting unbanned from Apex Legends!


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