Are you having trouble joining a Discord server because your invite link has expired? You’re not alone. This issue is quite common, but fortunately there are several solutions to resolve it.

Request the Server Owner or Admin for a New Invite Link

The most straightforward approach is to ask the server owner or admin for a new invite link. Usually, this is the simplest way to gain access back into the server; most owners are more than happy to provide one if you explain your situation clearly.

Try a Discord Link Generator

If you don’t have access to the server owner or admin, or they’re unavailable, a Discord link generator may be your solution. These online tools generate new invite links for Discord servers even if the original link has expired. Popular examples of such services include:

  • To use a Discord link generator, enter the server name or ID and it will generate an invite link that you can use to join the server.

Join Through a Friend

If you have a friend who’s already part of the Discord server, they may be able to invite you directly. To do this, they’ll need to send an invite through either the Discord app or website.

Locate the Server on Discord

If you know the name of a Discord server you want to join, try searching directly on Discord. To do this, open up the app or website and click “Discover” in the bottom left corner. From there, type in the server name into search bar at top left of page; if it is public then joining should be easy without an invite link.

Utilize a Discord Bot

If none of the above methods work, you may try using a Discord bot to join the server. Bots are automated programs that can perform various tasks on Discord, such as joining servers. Popular Discord bots that may help join a server include:

  • Dyno Bot
  • MEE6
  • In order to use a Discord bot to join a server, you’ll first need to invite it to one that you are already an existing member of and then issue a command telling it to join the desired one.


Rejoining a Discord server with an expired link can be frustrating, but there are several methods you can try. Whether you ask the server owner for another invite link, use a Discord link generator, or try one of our other suggestions in this article, we hope that soon you will be able to rejoin your favorite Discord server!


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