Why You Might Consider Limiting FPS in Apex Legends

Before we discuss how to limit FPS in Apex Legends, it’s essential that we establish why this may be beneficial. There could be multiple reasons behind wanting to do this – perhaps including:

Limit the FPS of Apex Legends to reduce strain on both CPU and GPU and boost computer performance and stability. Doing this can lead to improved stability as well as performance gains.

Limit the FPS in order to reduce input lag and enjoy a more responsive and enjoyable gaming experience.

Reduce screen tearing. Screen tearing occurs when a game’s frame rate differs from your monitor’s refresh rate; by restricting FPS you can prevent screen tearing from occurring and improve visual quality in game.

How to Adjust Apex Legends FPS Limit

Now that we have covered why and how limiting FPS in Apex Legends might be necessary, let’s delve deeper. There are various strategies available to you depending on your setup and personal preferences for doing this.

Use In-Game Settings

  • One easy way to reduce FPS in Apex Legends is through its in-game settings. Here’s how it works:
  • Launch Apex Legends and navigate to its settings menu.
  • Click on the “Video” tab, and scroll down until you reach the “Advanced” section.
  • Find and set the “Frame Rate Limit” to your desired value.

Use Third-Party Software

For those who require more sophisticated options to control Apex Legends FPS, third-party software offers some good solutions. Here are a few popular examples:

  • RivaTuner Statistics Server: RivaTuner is an advanced graphics card overclocking tool with frame rate limiter functionality, although setup may be complex and it requires patience for optimal use. RivaTuner’s statistics server offers users much flexibility and convenience for use when setting up RivaTuner overclocks and overclocking tools.
  • Nvidia Inspector: Nvidia Inspector is an invaluable tool that allows you to customize the settings of your Nvidia graphics card, including setting a frame rate limiter that works seamlessly within Apex Legends.
  • AMD Radeon Software: If you own an AMD graphics card, the Radeon Software allows you to set limits on Apex Legends frame rates.


Limiting FPS in Apex Legends can be an effective way to enhance your gaming experience, whether that means improving computer performance, decreasing input lag or screen tearing – there are multiple strategies for doing it successfully and we hope this guide has provided some assistance on doing it effectively.


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