In today’s global marketplace, finding the right investors can be a challenge for most early-stage companies. To succeed, companies should partner with investors who offer not only financial backing but also industry expertise, strategic guidance and an expansive network. One such investment firm that specializes in providing growth capital to startups is EQT Ventures.

Established in 2013, EQT Ventures is a Sweden-based investment firm that has made multiple successful investments in companies like Hiber, iZettle and Klarna. As part of the EQT group – an international investment organization focused on private equity, venture capital and real estate with over EUR 40 billion under management across Europe, North America, Asia and Australia – EQT Ventures boasts some impressive success stories.

EQT Ventures’ Investment Focus

EQT Ventures specializes in digital consumer and enterprise companies. In the consumer space, they seek out companies that are revolutionizing how people engage with technology, transforming how we live and work. Meanwhile, in the enterprise space they search for startups providing new solutions to help businesses become more efficient and productive. With an in-depth knowledge of this sector, EQT Ventures has a successful record in recognizing and investing in high-growth startups.

The Hiber 15m Series

The Hiber 15m Series is EQT Ventures’ second fund. Raised in 2015, it specializes in digital consumer and enterprise businesses such as Hiber, a provider of connected car technology, and Klarna, an online payment solutions provider.

The Hiber 15m Series is led by CEO and co-founder Daniel Ek. Before Hiber, Daniel served as co-founder and CEO of Spotify, where he transformed it from a startup to an international music streaming service with 200 million users. Additionally, CFO Anders Borg brings over two decades of finance and investment banking expertise, while other partners bring extensive expertise in venture capital, private equity investments, and technology investments.

The Investment Process

EQT Ventures takes an intimate approach to investment. Their team is experienced and knowledgeable across various industries, allowing them to get to know the companies they invest in and comprehend their business models. Furthermore, EQT Ventures has extensive experience working with startups which gives them invaluable insights and advice for those they invest in.

The Portfolio

EQT Ventures boasts a portfolio of over 30 companies, including some of the biggest names in tech such as Spotify, iZettle and Klarna. The Hiber 15m Series was established by EQT Ventures in 2017 with a focus on investing in early-stage companies from Northern and Baltic Europe.

Why Consider EQT Ventures for Your Growth Capital Needs?

Are you an early-stage company searching for an investment firm that can provide the growth capital to expand your business, then EQT Ventures should definitely be taken into account. Their focus on digital consumer and enterprise companies demonstrates their deep knowledge of the technology sector as well as a proven record of identifying and investing in high-growth startups. Their investment process is hands-on and intimate, drawing from years of working with startups; this gives them invaluable insights and advice to the businesses they invest in.


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