The Essential Software & Apps For Your New MacBook

Is there anything more exciting than unboxing your brand-new MacBook Pro? Apple’s expert design strikes again, as the laptop looks beautiful in its packaging. It works straight out of the box, and you can be up and running in just a few minutes. But, wait, it’s all empty. The new laptop is without any of your favorite apps and programs. In this post, we’ll run through all the most essential pieces of software and apps for your new computer. We’ll touch on productivity, media, and publishing, and cover everything you’ll need. Of course, please feel free to add your suggestions at the end of the post. Let’s dive in!


Evernote is one of our favorite productivity apps on the market. It is powerful and exhaustive. It boldly claims to ‘remember everything’, which it does flawlessly. It starts with a standard to-do list and calendar. However, its real power is the ability to create folders of useful files, images, and websites. If you come across a cool website, simply save it to your Evernote app, and read it later. It’s an all-around note-taking, reminder repository. We’d be lost without it.

Microsoft Works Package

It might seem counterintuitive to install a Microsoft package onto a Mac product, but hear us out. Whether you’re on Team Apple or Team Microsoft, there’s no denying that Bill Gates’s software is superior. So, when it comes to Word and Excel, opt for the Microsoft package. It’s also worth taking some Excel training courses by Training Connection. Because, let’s face it, few of us know how to use it properly!

Logic Pro

The Apple MacBook is designed for creative people, so it’s worth taking advantage of their creative software. Logic Pro is a professional piece of music studio equipment. Most Macs come with GarageBand, but it’s worth making the upgrade to Logic. Why? It’s affordable and infinitely better. You can play with drum loops, and take your first steps to music stardom.

Final Cut Pro

Similarly to Logic, Final Cut is a professional suite for video makers. It’s fantastically simple and intuitive to use, and you can create pro videos in no time. If you’re looking to upload content to YouTube, it’s the perfect piece of software. Again, there is a free version on your new Mac, but it’s well worth the affordable upgrade.


Most Macs come with a sizeable hard drive and plenty of storage. However, the cleaner you keep it, the faster it will run. That’s why we like to use DropBox. With a huge online data storage system, you can keep all your essential documents in the cloud. There’s no need to clog up the hard drive when you can store it online. Dropbox is also great for exchanging heavy files with others.

VLC Player

Last of all, we’ll leave you with the most versatile video player on the planet. Your Mac comes with Quicktime, but it has trouble running some forms of video. VLC Player isn’t pretty, but it will play any video file you can throw at it.